what is vpn?

VPN is a service that allows you to use the Internet securely without leaving a trace or being tracked.VPN service gives you a fresh IP of different location and encrypts all your transferring data, so that no one even your ISP or Government can sniff your data.

In addition, it bypasses all the restricted contents, which might have been blocked by your company or government. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of being tracked by a third party, e.g. when using Wi-Fi hotspots in public places such as hotels and airports.

How To Setup

Why choose our VPN service?

  • Easy-to-use Applications

    One of our goals is to provide a high level of simplicity and usability. So, we provided seamless apps for iOS, Android, and Chrome browser.

  • Ranked Amongst the Top 10 Apps

    Our iPhone/iPad app is amongst the top 10 applications in 20 countries according to Apple Store results.

  • Powerful VPN Servers

    We have extensive geographic coverage, with servers located in USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, Japan, and Canada (all having Gbit internet connections).

  • L2TP and PPTP Protocols

    We provide the most popular VPN protocols on all our servers in order to support any VPN- enabled device in any location.

  • Guaranteed Service

    Once you register your account on iPhone, Android or Windows 8, you will get 7 days free unlimited traffic! Furthermore, if you buy a package by your credit card, you can easily refund your money within 30 days.

  • Multiple Packages

    Monthly Packages and Data Packages. According to your bandwidth usage, you can order an economical package.

  • Highly Skilled Support Team

    Our fast and responsive support team considers your issues 7 days a week.

  • Multi-platform Support

    Use the same account to connect via different systems including PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and other devices.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the VPN plan that fits your needs and budget

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30 Days Expiry Time
$5 avr/mo
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90 Days Expiry Time
$4 avr/mo
save 20%
365 Days Expiry Time
$2.5 avr/mo
save 51%
1095 Days Expiry Time
$1.8 avr/mo
save 64%

Mobile Apps

VPN in Touch apps

We at VIT have developed applications for iPhone, Android, Windows 8 and Chrome browser.
Our app won wide acclaim from its users. See more.